How to measure your kitchen space during lockdown

With the current government restrictions in place and our showroom being closed until the measures are lifted, customers might think that they have to wait until ‘lockdown’ is over but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

At Jones Britain we are all too familiar with working from clients’ plans. Whether they are full architectural drawings or ‘back of a fag packet’ sketches we can work with you to start the design process rolling, giving you a head start for when the lockdown is lifted. This means you could be in a position to have your kitchen fitted during the summer.

There are a few pointers though that we’d like to share with you, which will enable us to understand your plans better. Here we give you an insight into how to measure your kitchen space during lockdown yourself.

Essential Items you’ll need.

A measuring tape (preferably with centimetres and millimetres rather than inches)
A ruler
A pen or pencil
A sheet of A4 paper (if you can get graph paper, all the better)

How it’s done….

We’ll now talk you through measuring your kitchen. If you’ve not done this before it may be sensible to get someone to help you.

Draw the outline of the room to fit the whole of your A4 page leaving a space for doors, windows and any openings. Start at point A and finish back at point A
Add in all doors, windows and openings etc showing doors and windows as we’ve drawn in this example

Measure each wall starting from point A and then run round the room with your tape measure. wall, door, window, wall, window, wall, door, wall etc…. and measure to the outside of the architraves if your door or window has them.
Try to be as accurate as possible centimetres are good but millimetres are better.
Measure the ceiling height
Measure the distance from floor to under-side of window sill and then the height of the window too
Mark roughly the position of any water, wastes, gas metres, stop cocks, boilers, radiators etc
Take pictures of the room from at least 3 or 4 angles
Don’t worry we will check all measurements before we order anything.
• We’re here to help so if you get stuck we’re happy to talk you through it and can even do that via video link.
• Once you have all the information we need give us a call to discuss your requirements and once we have had a telephone consultation we’ll ask you to email your plans to us so we can get started on a design for you. We hope our blog on how to measure your kitchen space during lockdown has helped.

Call us on 01435 866435 and lets get the process started.