Maximalist- Corian Cabana Club

With the creative collaboration of Cabana magazine, Corian has recently organized one of the most successful exhibitions of the entire Milan design week.

Playing an avant-garde role since its founding, Cabana is opening new paths in the world of interior design. Cabana is proposing fascinating new journeys to places strongly connected with emotions and personality, memory and uniqueness, heritage and a forward-looking mindset. These paths reflect some of the new directions that Corian is taking.

The “Corian Cabana Club” exhibition featured the new and warm aesthetics of Corian – Concrete, Onyx and Prima. They have been recognized as a powerful demonstration of the great, and not yet fully discovered, expressive capabilities of Corian.

Corian® Cabana Club featured seven “maximalistic scenes,” with each setting styled by a different creative, inspired by a different culture and which will include Corian® as a key element. The centerpiece of the village is an iconic sculptural piece in Corian delicately interacting with water.

To view the ‘Corian Cabana Club’ Tour Video please press play below.

In the Kitchen

In Corian, the comforts of beauty are equaled by robust reliability, easy maintenance and endless adaptility. Imagine a smooth transition from worktop to fascia, splashback to sink, food preparation to relaxed enjoyment. From the most minimal of aesthetics to maximal charm, the wide choice of colour, detail and design all come together to enhance the simple pleasures of living well.

Dune Prima
The flowing white and sandy hues hint at the seashore, creating a natural and unique color aesthetic that inspires design that is equally singular.

All the colors from the brand new Concrete, Prima and Onyx collections of Corian® and many others are featured in this exhibition, which also celebrates the 50th anniversary of Corian®, 50 years of global commitment to design and architecture.

Material Inspiration

From idea to reality, the resourcefulness of Corian is entirely at your creative disposal. Workable to a unrestrained variety of forms and blending into seamless utility, Corian can answer the challenges of multiple projects and applications. Strong, Homogenous, Non-Porus and Resistant, Corian is a material as Ingenious as the human imagination.

Resistant- Corian is a solid, non-porous, homogeneous surfacing material composed of 1/3 acrylic resin and 2/3 natural minerals. The main mineral is Aluminium TriHydrate derived from bauxite, an ore from which aluminium is produced.

Hygienic- Corian can be fabricated with inconspicuous seams, rendering its surface very hygienic. Corian surfaces do not support the growth of bacteria or fungi.

Non-Toxic- Corian is an inert and non-toxic material. Under normal temperature conditions, it does not emit gases. When burned, it releases mainly Carbon Oxides and the smoke generated is optically light and dos not contain toxic halogenated gases.

Repairable- Corian can be fully restored with ordinary mild abrasive cleaners and a scouring pad, cigarette burns for example can be easily removed.

Solid- Colours and textures run through the entire thickness of the material and cannot wear away.

Inconspicuous Joints- Pieces of Corian can be glued together inconspicuously to create a seamless look.

Thermoformable- Corian can be thermoformed in wooden or metal moulds at controlled temperatures in order to create various 2D and 3D design objects.

Environmentally Friendly- Corian is manufactured in compliance with strict standards in order to limit waste and energy consumption at all stages of the production process.


Concrete is visually subtle and aesthetically strong. Inspired by an Urban Landscape, it embodies the appeal of modern industrial design. Four new neutral colours reveal a quieter side to balance its straightforward design style.

Ash Concrete (as seen below) embodies gray with a purpose. Monochromatic movement and fine particles add depth to the design, creating a modern dynamic aesthetic.


Inspired by the classic stone, Onyx has a crisp modern edge that is bold in style and rich in visual texture. Sinuous veining of varying opacity and translucence creates a fluid design.

With dignified opulence, Gray Onyx (as seen below) has a touch of the avant-garde as streams of silver-gray course through its white translucent background. The aesthetic is one of drama and high style.


For more information or to view samples of the new Corian collection, please get in contact with us on 01435 866435 or visit our Heathfield Showroom.

Blog Post written by: Chloe Hartnup, Junior Kitchen Designer at Jones Britain Kitchens


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